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Sunny Farms Is All About People!

Sunny Farms wouldn't be Sunny Farms without all of the wonderful people that make our stores what they are each and every day. Below are a handful of people that have contributed a lot over the years.

These people represent the smiles, personal touch, and care that all of Sunny Farms' employees give in each of their respective departments. Whether it's knowledgeable information in health and nutrition, something handmade and scrumptious from the deli, or the perfect and fresh ingredients for whatever you're making these people are here to serve you!

Hopefully you'll recognize some names, because they're all hiding from the camera.

Sunny Farms Country Store

Sunny Farms Country Store is a locally owned, family market where you can buy mouth watering produce, natural groceries, juicy meat and fresh seafood, in-house prepared deli foods, nutritional supplements, and natural health and beauty aides. Our aim is to provide you with 3 full meals a day, and more!

Sunny Farms Country Store is and has been independently owned by Roger and Ellie Schmidt of Sequim for over 30 years. The store together with the farmland in Othello, WA is part of Sunny Farms, Inc.

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Sunny Farms Farm Store and Nursery

Our Sunny Farms Farm Store and Nursery is located next door to our main Country Store and has a wide selection of plants, seed, feed, and outdoor supplies and décor.
Check them out, HERE!

Sunny Farms Supplements Store

Our Sunny Farms Supplements Store is located in Sequim within the JC Penney Plaza between Sandy's Kitchen Shop and Artisan Creative Consignment. Their address is 609 W. Washington Street, #10.
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Dave Hodkinson - Business Manager Jump back to top of page

Dave Hodkinson

Business Manager

Dave spent 20 years servicing in the US Coast Guard. His career included working merchant vessels through Morse code, teaching basic communications classes and managing a recruiting office. He spent a fair amount of time at sea while aboard 2 Coast Guard cutters which patrolled a lot of Alaska, and also took a few trips to Central America for drug enforcement patrols. He met his wife of 31 years while he was the supervisor of communications at the Air Station in Port Angeles. Dave and Selma have four great kids and seven grandchildren who all live in the area, with many who are currently or have worked for Sunny Farms in the past.

Dave has worked for Sunny Farms for the past 18 Years where he started stocking shelves in the grocery department. About a year later he moved into the back office, where he has been for the past 17 years. Some of his responsibilities include human resources, buying supplies, and equipment maintenance and procurement. "Working for Sunny Farms is great, I really enjoy the variety of work I get to do."

Edwin Joseph Anderson III - Meat Department Jump back to top of page

Edwin Joseph Anderson III

Meat Department

E.J. was raised on a small family cattle farm where he helped his grandfather Bud with many of the daily responsibilities of raising and slaughtering cattle. His experience and training as a butcher has taken place entirely at Sunny Farms, under the tutelage of three different seasoned veterans of the meat industry, who carried a combined total of 100 years experience. He has been with Sunny Farms for over 13 years.

Ming Chang - Natural Foods Manager Jump back to top of page

Ming Chang

Natural Foods Manager

I began working at Sunny Farms in 1995. I was a teenager looking for a summer job so my father suggested I go to Sunny Farms and ask Roger Schmidt if he had a spot for me. He put me in the Grocery Department and I quickly realized that I didn't really know much about food since Mom always made my meals! But I stuck with it. I continued to work and learn and I began to enjoy trying new foods, preparing them in different ways. I became the Grocery Department manager in 2002.

Sunny Farms has grown considerably in the time I've worked here. I seen many changes in the physical appearance of the store, but one thing that will not change is our commitment to serving our customers. We appreciate having the opportunity to provide quality foods for a good value. For me, working at Sunny Farms is about people. My coworkers are the best and customers are second to none. Stop in and say "hi". I would love to get to know you!

Ji Douglas - Farm Store and Nursery Manager Jump back to top of page

Ji Douglas

Farm Store and Nursery Manager

Ji Douglas began working in a nursery at 12 years old. He has 23 years experience as a professional horticulturalist. Ji is also a WA Certified Nursery professional, specializing in landscape design and installation. Ji has been the Nursery Manager for 9 years and has been married to his wife Kristy for 10 years. Together they have four children Cole 9, Rae 7, Owen 5, and James 3.

Mark Adams - Produce Manager Jump back to top of page

Mark Adams

Produce Manager

Mark got his start here at Sunny Farms when he was 18 and has been here ever since. He began in the produce department and has always worked with fruit and veggies. "I can't get enough of this place!" Mark often says.

Mark and his wife Teresa have two children, son Jake, and daughter Ryan. Together they designed and built their own dream home near the top of Deer Park. Mark and Teresa love riding trails on their dirt bikes. Mark is also particularly fond of Volkswagens, while Teresa loves her horses.

Patty Jenkins - Supplements Manager Jump back to top of page

Patty Jenkins

Supplements Manager

Patty Jenkins has been working in the natural foods business for the best part of the last 37 years. She started at "Our Store" food co-op back in 1975 in Fresno, California. Following this, she worked at Kristina's Natural Ranch Market in Fresno for eight years. While working at Kristina's she studied at Clayton's School of Naturopathy through correspondence.

Later, Patty transitioned to a family community supported agriculture (CSA) farm while returning to school to take anatomy and further her interest in acupressure. She completed a degree in Health Education here. Patty likes to hike, bike, and garden in her spare time as well as practice acupressure.

Susan Schmidt - General Merchandise Buyer/Evening Supervisor Jump back to top of page

Susan Schmidt

General Merchandise Buyer/Evening Supervisor

Susan is the voice you hear on the other end of the line when you call Sunny Farms Country Store in the evenings. Besides carrying the title of evening supervisor, Susan is also the general merchandise buyer. She orders and displays the gift book area, as well as the bulk tea and spices.

When researching new products Susan says she always keeps her sister, mother, and friends in mind. "If I wouldn't give it as a gift, I don't bring it into the store." Susan is always happy to test her husband Scott's creative cooking and loves working with him at Sunny Farms.

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